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The children came to a new school

Li Zhangwa:study hard .Explanation :a farewell to his teacher Li Zhangwa ,Moncler Pas Cher,the children go for more than an hour Road ,came to them and still a little strange new school ,dormitory eight people, unified extend bedding ,washbasin ,also has air conditioning ,although the condition is good, but we need to adapt to new life is not easy .
Zhang Yonggang Shangluo City Ma Street Town five-star primary school principals :like last year and down the 11 students in the first grade ,three students ,down ,when going to bed in the evening ,wear cotton clothes will not take off his clothes, morning cotton clothes do not wear ,Moncler,had a home in the school live in the dormitory ,to accompany the students with two days of time .
Explanation :it is 11 students ,because a teacher turns out to be Li Zhangwa finally persuaded to go back to school children ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,Guo Xiaoyan of 12 years old ,now choose to drop out of school ,Lou Jing distinguish carefully graded funds steady share s,family circumstances poor she ,in three hour the slope ,her parents because boarding to spend money ,Moncler Outlet,choose to give up .
Reporter :if the school does not remove it, is still here to read ?The parents of the students :I can .Explanation :a five-star primary school principal said ,he now has a very embarrassing ,and parental consultation board and lodging expenses, now national policy ,to the boarder Students Subsidy 250 yuan ,but the bedding ,air conditioning and other count down ,a child for a semester to pay 200 yuan, the school can be guaranteed .
Reporter: one semester to pay 250 dollars, you feel the pressure ?The parents of the students :it came back, he ( or child ) ,reading is also very troublesome .Now, workers say not clear, the business is good will earn 1000 dollars, not good on a thousand dollars .
The primary school students drop ,President Zhang Yonggang :public funds inadequacy ,national capitation funding ,a student a semester is 150 dollars .Commentary: now Li Zhangwa teacher to 12 students and two students may also leave ,because the parents go out to work is not assured, ready to take ,the loss of students to the new school has brought a series of pressure .
According to the plan ,To take care of a sick elder sister never married (group of pictures),there are three primary school will merge into the school ,the school now six grades have 105 students ,only 10 teachers, in accordance with the provisions of the country primary school teacher preparation according to the teacher-student ratio 1:23 distribution ,although the 10 teachers to compile requirement ,but the grade ,course ,let the school had to adopt a double the second grade class ,and the fourth grade children in a classroom by turns .
Cui Shimei Shangluo City Ma Street Town five-star primary school teacher: I and Chinese ,English ,music ,art ,and thinking ,comprehensive .Reporter :did you learn what ?Cui Shimei: I used to study chemistry .
Reporter :in addition to these courses ,you also ?Cui Shimei :the male dormitory .And lab administrators to these .Commentary: the distribution of university graduates to Cui teacher ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,family in Ankang ,Moncler Outlet,go home once a week ,to visit his one-year-old son .
Reporter :now you wish ?Cui Shimei :I want to close to home ,find a point near the school ,a good education and students .Commentary: Cui teacher said ,she homesick at 200 photo camera children ,and child separation also makes her special children for accommodation .
Reporter :you let them ( accommodation child ) saw the pictures ?Cui Shimei :some children read .Reporter :what did they say? Cui Shimei :they say very cute .Sometimes I asked you to do not want children .
Reporter: student asked you ?Cui Shimei :I said that you want to your mother ,he said he wanted to ,I said your mother think you don ,he said, must want to .I said is the same as .Commentary: apparently the new school, new boarding system, the new foreign teacher ,in the one one test of the school ,for a president ,he is to let the parents the child at ease ,also need to let teachers feel at ease ,now the District Education Bureau started acting family long project ,make excellent teachers and local cadres for boarding children ,Most men take care of 7 patients with disabilities wages be,especially the left-behind children acting parents ,as children relieving psychological problems .
Captions :District from 2007 before the 678 primary school ,now for the merging of 244 ,wherein the boarding school of more than 90, accounting for nearly half of .Moderator: School merged ,education resources to focus more ,but we see in such a combined school ,whether students or teachers, are experiencing with the family separated a torment, a reality that we see ?Bai Yansong :I think the GDP in China surpassed Japan to become the world second, our attention to such a situation ,but rather as a reminder ,not just emotional suffering ,there are more serious and severe challenge ,for example our emphasis is on compulsory education of nine years ,she just dropped out of school children in compulsory education within the range ,that is removed and the school direction is right ,maybe right, but in reality will make a lot of family education cost .
Moderator: greatly improved .Bai Yansong :rose .On education cost growth in the absence of the time ,he will weigh ,so some child would again drop .This is the first question .The second problem is the child of accommodation ,but faces many challenges ,because like this and after school this school conditions will not be like university ,is the temporary fixed around the female compatriots to them playing the mother role, and even some schools in the middle of the night to go ,because of the fear of the child ,with a bell to let them collectively to the toilet on the way ,and they also increase the cost of living ,Moncler Jacket,if many parents must rent a room live there ,the cost will be increased further ,do not forget in December of last year ,but also because the withdrawal and the school has led to a situation ,many parents together and hired a three-wheeled motorcycle modified car ,play a bus accident in Hengyang ,finally the causal village ,all of a sudden death in 14 ,this series of questions are placed here .
Host: how should we face such a problem arise ,because for seven or eight years old children in terms of education resources ,potential is one thing, but for the family ,the family separation effect on them may be offset by the promotion of the education resource ,how to do ?Bai Yansong :we have so many years has developed a habit ,the hard conditions of extra care ,feel that progress ,because you become more schools and so on ,we ignore the other very soft things ,it is possible to regress ,we have ,but what is lost, we do respect we lost ,for example,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, affection ,such as a village energy and so on, including the teacher in the village when the entire culture ,the diffusivity etc ,so sometimes we think ,is it right? Removed and school ,if compared with relatively good condition ,it can be done ,but is it right? We need some place the reverse operation ,we don substitute teachers ,but we let our young teachers first years must have basic experience ,could send him to go to the village ,let him renewed vigor .
Someone say that the village of lack of students ,wrong ,if your education quality to be improved ,more and more people are willing to let the children go to school in his village ,such investment added up to should not be too large ,than many children lost opportunities for education ,or that a a family back education burden is much better .
Host: but really it reality is you merge after the merger ,the school teachers busy, not with words ,a teacher may be able to give full play to he should have this ability .Bai Yansong :so I say China is too big ,in China is too big in this case you must be selected according to different conditions of different policy or that is ,if it is really make it rigidly uniform would be very troublesome ,as we look at the entire such a process, by a teacher .
To withdraw and school fast implementation ,children may be adapted, but he what is lost, we as an observer to see our country will have tens of millions of left-behind children ,they don live with my parents ,then the set point and the school ,grew up without father ,without love, even the grandpa ,grandma ,grandma love love love ,Doudoune Moncler,my love is not .

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9 year old boy with severe systemic burn ward daily office Figu

Small Yupo sister looked at jade purple calligraphy .Burn ward ,mother kissed the little Yupo hands .Article / reporter Liao Wenying Wang Yuan October 28th ,reporters once again came into the provincial hospital of severe burn in 9 years old boy small Yupo ward .
Lying on the bed, small Yupo appears to be in good spirits ,to see the reporter with the clear treble Hello ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,he said : I now all not pain ,is crawly ,mother and sister to his good .
Thank you to my care . The patient lives daily for 15 months to write occasional chess from July 30th last year, the tragic sudden night ,small Yupo already in the provincial hospital ward for 15 months .
No television ,no books, can not get out of bed, left disabled right hand cannot lift ,small Yupo ( Zhang Junhua ) but still maintained a wide range of interests .Small Yupo parents told reporters ,small Yupo once upon a time in class performance is good, the year he was also named the school student ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,after burn injury continues to study ,every day can barely lift the right forearm practises two page word .
No textbook reading newspapers and magazines ,meet not familiar with or without awareness of the word asked his sister ,writing several times until the mind .Half sister to practice ,ask : tired ?Don lie down and rest ? Jade purple head also does not carry to continue on a bed shelf board table a pen to write and say : no.
!There is a page not to write ! Asked what looked like a book ,small Yupo thinking for a while : nothing like watching ,most likes comic books !Can now do not look . Ultraman superman ! Sister added with a grin , now he often told me about the Ultraman plot .
Unable to get out of bed ,small board becomes Xiaoyu amber could gallop .Chess ,chess ,the jade purple love ,the spirit of good times with Dad ,sister to kill a bureau .The reporter sees ,Moncler Outlet,with his sister on a small Yupo ,Doudoune Moncler,concentrate one staring at the chessboard ,slender fingers like playing the piano in the board on the light to bounce .
Mom at the side of a laugh said : brother won his sister when more ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com! In the face of the ordinary pain treatment is clear to treatment of jade jade amber amber the severe burn patients ,Moncler,the provincial hospital burn plastic branch set up by director Xue Wenjun competent medical group ,four or five doctors pay close attention to small Yupo condition .
Xue doctor told reporters: children at admission to a burn area of 100% ,third degree burns up to 92% patients with inhalation injury .When the endotracheal tube has been swelling ,difficulty breathing ,the body burned charcoal ,not a good skin ,Moncler Jacket,we first aid for more than four hours .
After 90 days of high risk period ,until the systemic wound substantially closed ,took more than 250 days .During the daily observation of medication ,light is big skin grafting operation was moved 14 times, and the excision of dead excision operation ,dressing change of more than 100 times .
treated the most serious one of his patients ,our best effort to help until success .He is a clever boy ,Moncler Outlet,encounter really pitiful . Xue doctor sighed .Experienced sepsis ,severe pneumonia ,respiratory failure and other complications ,Moncler Pas Cher,16 large anesthesia operation of small Yupo about the unimaginably treatment process is clear .
He never complained of pain ,each dressing change remove the bandage with broken skin ,blood oozing ,small Yupo had teeth closed without a fight ,four teeth in forcibly patience gradually loose .
My children are too sensible . The child mentions this matter still face to color .A return to do skin grafting operation ,the doctor told the little Yupo shall take his right leg skin .
Small Yupo request: don me inner thigh skin ! The doctor asked: the left leg ? Small Yupo looked right leg that was only a good skin : it ,or take the right leg . There are reverse operation ,Cleaning staff pick 200000 cash returned to rightful owners won the award 1 suite,I have a fever of 40 degrees C ,head warm, not an anesthetic ,the doctor said I do : bring me an ice cube ! After a while not to, I worried : how ice has not come yet ? The doctor didn ignore me .
.. ... Small Yupo saying your smile .Final shaping operation is facing the double difficulties provincial hospital director Xue Wenjun told reporters : now the children systemic multiple contracture is serious, affect the activity and beautiful ,really need to have plastic operation .
But to children with systemic skin is too little skin graft was required ,Farmer and his son 31 years after amputation relay youth (group of pictures),and to put his mouth with his chest apart adhesion ,endotracheal general anesthesia in the operation incision ,the risk is too high .
The boy Zhang Yunzhi said ,child mandibular neck ,double axillary needs an operation incision adhesion ,otherwise the child down ,hands can not freely,The street traffic and patrol police to help the elder sister broke down in the, while the left arm and right leg also need skin graft operation to restore function .
I hope everyone can help this clever and lively and suffered tragic children ,so he can regain health ,some day in the future to return to the campus .Small Yupo father Zhang Yunzhi account

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Minus 30 ℃ female traffic police directing traffic station 20 mi

The police report from our correspondent of Zhang Yujia (reporter Xing Cheng) in the continuous low temperature weather in the city, who was sweeping snow?Who let the transportation?Yesterday, reporters into these lovely groups.
Shivering with cold teeth keep gesture yesterday 11 when make, people's Avenue and Liberation Road intersection, a female traffic police directing the traffic.The reporter than she wears, the station less than 10 minutes, systemic frozen through, shiver, and female traffic police's scarf on a layer of cream, she is still standard gestures.
She is the woman traffic police squadron Chaoyang District Traffic Police Brigade police Zhang Yujia, she said, don't look at the traffic police gloves hat, but nearly 30 ℃ below zero temperatures, stand 20 minutes to freeze out.
They are on duty three female traffic police from 6 points start, standing to 13.Each station 20 minutes for a post back to the booth, a reprieve.People's Avenue car flow is large, every day to play more than a gesture command vehicle.
"Although shivered, and bite the posture and gesture standard, because it is the image of the traffic police, to stricter requirements.In the cold to survive each class of hillock,Doudoune Moncler, mostly police has suffered from arthritis and other diseases.
"Zhang Yujia says.To 50 meters outside the box,Moncler Pas Cher, the other two female traffic police on duty with hot water bag to keep warm.The reporter entered the station 10 minutes, also did not feel than the outdoor warmer.
So cold a day,Moncler Outlet, many girls will be painted skin care products."We have more than 5 in the morning up to go to work,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, which has time to make-up ah."Yang Bing pointed to the woman traffic police is on the Zhang Yujia said,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, she was only 24 years old, because of the cold weather, two days before the duty during the frozen tears, but tears also adhere to induction, returns to the watchtower,Men in the Beichuan disaster area repair problems, leg frozen to be unconscious.
A sanitation worker shoes by the snow and water soak 9 pm yesterday, has been in continuous snow week South Gate District environmental sanitation worker Li Shufan, marched by the snow and water foam rotten feet, still and his teammates on the road of snow.
Since 2009 November Changchun first snow began, Li Shufan went from home "disappear".Yesterday 5 when much, she ate a piece of cake is rushed to the place of the snow.Until 12, tired down she only had a bowl of porridge,Moncler Outlet, then into the snow.
Li Shufan is wearing a pair of has been snow soaked shoes,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, feet bubble broke,Northeast Securities the steady investor to avoid,Moncler, she said there was no time to clean, it's no use changing.Sanitation workers every day in the snow job at least 10 hours, more than even the day with night night, a lot of sanitation workers in the foot soaking up by the snow and water swelling and inflammation,Moncler Jacket, stepped in on industrial salt water, ulcerous feet is a itch aches.
Even so, nor a sanitation worker left shovel the snow line.Li Shufan and other sanitation workers every day in the snow job at least 10 hours, more than "white and black" this group of pictures,to have such a good, reporter

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Male infant with severe burn abandoned riverside p

The newspaper news (reporter Han Lishan Guo Tingting Intern Zhang Xiaoyu Wang Yuting Gao Dongqi correspondent Chen Chengwei Gao Jianying) "from today onwards,Moncler, 'little boy' is our son, we'll take good care of him, care for him, train him, let our 'little boy' from parents!"Yesterday, in Wuhan City third hospital burn a ward ward, 9 public love with "little angel" in the oath, for he established the parents committee.
Abandoned after a many month, 2 year old boy "burn baby" to "morality" name to have mom and dad.Hospitalization beyond, still lost parents in February 12th of this year (the year thirty the day before),Moncler Outlet, a burn baby abandoned in Wuhan City Wuchang Chang Yang Lijiang city in a box, the road police station received a report sent to the Wuhan City Third Hospital (the newspaper had reported in detail), in the doctor,The wealth of opportunities in Asia new opportunit, nurses and hospital patient care, severe burns to the "little angel" survived.
The baby's name?Where does he come from?Parents who?Is still a mystery."We find my mother whether well or not?"When looking for her mother, can be free to run the "little boy" will cry and nodded, and then in the adult arms.
"Little angel" very endearing, Ward: what is good fun, we all will give him a.The nurse put their children's clothes for him to wear, cleaning daily free to hold him to him, his attending physician in burn department deputy chief physician Liu Xiaojing is considering him as his family.
Since the "little boy" was sent to three hospitals,Moncler Jacket, the hospital through various channels, called his parents to appear,Open shop looking for husband and wife kidnapped son (group of pictures), insider information, to help treat, so far without any information."Little angel" encounter editions, caring people have donated 130000 yuan,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, there are hospital account.
After more than a month of treatment,Moncler Outlet, the disease has "little angel" has spent 30000 multivariate cost to cure.Next week, "little angel" will receive second skin grafts operation and rehabilitation training.
How the funds supervision,unknown The woman c, and assume a long-term care "little angel" responsibility,Monitoring the stock fund positions continue callback, agenc, in the biological parents exposed to before, "little baby" care becomes a difficult problem to be solved.Can not be discharged, also need to accept half treatment yesterday afternoon,Moncler Pas Cher, 9 public love with "little darling", hand in hand to take the oath, promises of future will take care of him,Trading Fund weekly market shocks, stock trading can hold _, care for him, train him, let "little baby" from parents!In the future, the parents committee will be responsible for communication and understanding of hospital,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, treatment planning, supervision of donations, organize personnel to take care of the children in daily life, assisted rehabilitation therapy.
"The child still can not be discharged,Doudoune Moncler, at least have to accept half rehabilitation treatment, otherwise it will seriously affect his future rehabilitation effect."As an attending physician and "little angel" parent member of the committee, Liu Xiaojing rejected the mother who love connection "little angel" discharge request.
She said, "little girl" not only need to take care of people eating, take care of people also know rehabilitation treatment,78 year old sister take care of a 75 years old ill, otherwise the child is severely burned hand weakens into small fist cannot stretch.
Now so many people to spoil, is not conducive to the child's physical and mental health."If you still can't find the child's biological parents, eventually the child or to return to welfare."She suggested, in the child back to the orphanage before,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, as far as possible to let the children in the hospital for some more days, to receive the best treatment for rehabilitation, to the best state.

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78 year old sister take care of a 75 years old ill sister map

In October 19th, Central South University Xiangya Hospital,Moncler, 78 year-old Yang Shouying is taking care of sister, sister Yang Chunying have ear disease, the two sisters would rely on the carbon plate to communicate.
Map / reporter Liu Yan Li Yanna intern reporter Liu Jun reported in Changsha ward, the old sisters moved many people.Old Yang Shouying is 78 years old,Moncler Outlet, this is need someone to take care of the old, but she can take care of the seriously ill sister.
Yang Shouying said, "sister is a poor man, life is very tired, husband and son are left too early, we usually separated for too long, too little care for her, now she is ill, I should stay with her care.
"24 years is not met by letters Yang Shouying Yang Chunying is three years older than my sister.A month ago, Yang Chunying of 75 years old is diagnosed with cancer, and hospital operation.
"We are still dare not tell her,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, just lied is bleeding hemorrhoids."Yang Shouying gently said to reporter.Sister Yang Chunying have ear disease, two sisters now rely on copying sheet to AC.Yang Shouying said, is to tell sister doctor nurse in her do what, what,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, when to medicine injections and so on.
"But we will talk about some happy things, remember childhood things, would laugh."Reminded of the past, Yang Shouying said, although the two sisters are almost 80 years old, but their time together is not much.
At the age of 20, Yang Shouying ran away to Guizhou to school, rarely go home.After working,12 years old boy alone to take care of paralysis father 7 years, she stayed in Guizhou.While the younger sister lived in his hometown in Huaihua.Later, my sister in the home is married, but she, also in Guizhou set up a home.
After getting married, the two sisters on their respective families.Yang Shouying said the old man, had a median of 24 years, she and her sister have never met, all by correspondence."We almost every month.
"Until 1982,Doudoune Moncler, the old sisters reunited once, then two or three years to see a face.Sister when sewing the family "sister is a kind person, honest, would rather bear hardships, do not let the people who eat a little bitter.
"Yang Shouying said the old man, sister of early economic conditions is not good, and her husband also died early.She a man pulling children, lived a Baba day, the family on her personal when sewing workers make money.
"For his sister was reluctant to spend a little money, but met with people in need of help, she added."At that time, sister to bring home the bacon, often worked overtime.Usually at 6 in the morning to go out, comes back at 12 in the evening.
And Yang Shouying said, because sister usually busy with work, her son was 10 years old, snake bite, no timely treatment, the results of the unfortunate death.Each time we speak of son,The woman disappeared after 18 years with the family reunion was selling the house, looking for her , old Yang Chunying will be very sad,Moncler Pas Cher, now she is a village of five households.
My sister is ill,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, she came from Guizhou to these years, the two sisters are on the phone.Last year, she call my sister, sister to know wasting away, was also not good.Yang Shouying said,Moncler Outlet, she was in July of this year to act in Hunan, went home to visit his sister September.
She be startled at, did not think of sister is thin like.She hastened to take my little sister to go to the hospital to check,Moncler Jacket, was found to have cancer, must immediately move operation.Start, Yang Shouying to take his little sister along to Guizhou Tongren to go to a doctor, after 6 days of hospitalization, decided to return to Changsha operation.
Yang Shouying said the old man, the home has more than 80 years old,The boy accidentally fell into a bucket into a vegetative st, even socks to help others, but my sister is going to the hospital, they need someone to take care of."The old man there, only temporarily please daughter-in-law.

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